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Help us ensure that children succeed in school, have opportunities to participate in enriching activities, receive gifts on special occasions and have a bright future with a loving family.

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Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Thrive

Tidewater Friends of Foster Care believes every child deserves the opportunity to thrive. Our initiatives are aimed at ensuring that children in the foster care system have the best childhoods possible. Due to instability in family environment, foster children often miss out on key elements of a healthy and happy childhood, such as consistent family routines, enrollment in a single school system, and participation in extracurricular activities. Consequently, these children struggle emotionally and academically, with outcomes that reflect this strife.

The mission of Tidewater Friends of Foster Care is to improve foster care outcomes through:

  1. Targeted outreach to increase the number of available loving family foster homes, thereby reducing the need to place children in group-home settings;
  2. Providing academic tutoring, enrichment programs and activities that bridge gaps between what is available from public resources and those elements that are essential to a healthy, happy and rewarding childhood.